MacKintok Collaborates with Indiana Univeristy and SALT Makerspace

April 15, 2015

MacKintok, Inc. and SALT Makerspace recently collaborated with Indiana University in a pilot course called Design Entrepreneurship Workshop. The workshop was held on Saturday, April 3rd and was the last of three workshops involving Indiana University Undergraduate and Graduate Design students and Companies of various levels and expertise.

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MacKintok Spotlighted in CNY Business Journal

cny_bj_pic_140919September 19, 2014

A $25,000 state grant, plus collaborations with several upstate universities, should help kick-start a project at MacKintok, Inc., a software and business solutions company, that could lead to a marketable product by year’s end.

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MC2 2014 : Workforce Development with MTConnect - (Excerpt from Presentation)

RPI and MacKintok were spotlighted at this year's MC2 Conference in Tampa, Florida. >

Amit Deschpande of TechSolve discussing the success of the first time MTConnect was integrated into a university's curriculum.

MC2 Conference - RPI and MacKintok Integrate MTConnect into Curriculum

logo_rpiMacKintok is continuing partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - Integrating MTConnect into the Engineering Curriculum.

RPI and MacKintok are continuing their partnership they started in Fall 2013 with the Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems (AMPS) class. This year's class plans to continue with a project  involving utilizing MacKintok's machine tool monitoring system and testing various simulated and real time monitoring methods.  This project will also involve verifying STEP-NC techniques combined with 3D models technology performed during a machining process and the potential interface to MTConnect.  RPI's engineering graduate students will participate in the technology development with the goal to submit the project to the 2015 ASME/SME Students Design and Manufacturing contest.

logo_suny_cortlandMacKintok is partnering with SUNY Cortland - developing a solution for manufacturing.

SUNY Cortland is partnering with MacKintok, Inc a Syracuse, N.Y., software and business solutions company to help develop new smart technologies aimed at making older manufacturing equipment more efficient.

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logo_rpiMacKintok is teaming with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - Integrating MTConnect into the Engineering Curriculum.

The project involves a university, a public library, the US Army and four software companies. MTConnect is becoming a part of the educational framework in Upstate NY with the potential to touch students from grade school through graduate school. With the success of the RPI classes MacKintok and Hamilton Numbers are now looking to use this experience as a stepping stone to collaborating with other learning institutions around the country.

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MTConnect Institute's New White Paper, Getting Started with MTConnect - Shop Floor Monitoring, What's In It For You? --

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Who Should Read?

MTConnect Forum is Launched -- Read More
MacKintok achieves MTConnect Institute Partner status. -- Read More

Our business is helping engineers, skilled trades, and production personnel get information as fast as possible so they can make accurate and informed decisions.

We provide the manufacturing and machine tool industry with "information retrieval" tools that link the physical world to the digital world.

bookEdstromA Book Every Manufacturer and Developer Should Have

Our good friend Dave Edstrom has a new book out called "MTConnect To Measure Is To Know." Dave is the CEO of Virtual Photons Electrons and the President of the MTConnect Insitute. This is a fantastic read and we highly recommend it.

This book is not just about MTConnect, but it is first a book that discusses the many lessons learned in the world of open systems. Dave tells many pertinent stories as to why MTConnect will revolutionize the way the world makes things. He provides the stories about the historical beginnings and key people responsible for MTConnect. If you need to understand what exactly is MTConnect his explanation is spot on.

"MTConnect To Measure Is To Know" is a must read if you want to know about the beginnings of a movement that most do not know is occuring right now. You will be captivated and don't be surprised if you read the book in one sitting.

You can order a copy of the book today from Amazon.

miCompleteMacKintok is designing & building a web based visualization interface for PCs and mobile devices. The visualization interface graphically displays the live status of machines or assets using the MTConnect standard. The interfaces enable users to view real-time plant floor status simply by logging onto an Internet browser. As a Web-enabled application, it extends access to users anywhere for improved real-time decision making. Mi-Complete utilizes the very latest HTML 5 development techniques to "measure the pulse of manufacturing." 

Our systems assist in every aspect of your process, whether it's installation, production, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Experienced in skilled trades, manufacturing, military, and business. We understand what it's like to meet production quotas and deadlines.

Our personnel have experience working in facilities at GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the US Mint, as well as the Aluminum, Steel, Power Generation, Paper, Pharmaceutical, HVAC and various other industries.

We get to know your process intimately so that each system we develop provides information that will be used on a daily basis. It is our obligation to develop a system that provides payback to you every day.

At MacKintok, we develop process analytical and diagnostic tools designed to empower and stimulate the human mind to think and make accurate and timely decisions.

With our inventive way of linking real-world components, you can have instant access to informative pages specific to each component. No need for time consuming searches, each page is laid out to be informative and provide access to other related pages.

flagMacKintok is a Service-Connected Disabled Vet Owned business - Official Certification Pending