su_presentExperienced in skilled trades, manufacturing, military, and business. We understand what it's like to meet production quotas and deadlines.

Our personnel have experience working in facilities at GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the US Mint, as well as the Aluminum, Steel, Power Generation, Paper, Pharmaceutical, HVAC and various other industries.

We get to know your process intimately so that each system we develop provides information that will be used on a daily basis. It is our obligation to develop a system that provides payback to you every day.

At MacKintok, we develop process analytical and diagnostic tools designed to empower and stimulate the human mind to think and make accurate and timely decisions.

With our inventive way of linking real-world components, you can have instant access to informative pages specific to each component. No need for time consuming searches, each page is laid out to be informative and provide access to other related pages.

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