Our Experience


The MacKintok staff of information architects and designers has over 30 years of experience with web and application development, machinery and manufacturing processes.

Our staff is not only skilled at developing applications but they have experienced what it takes to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and operate the machines.

List of Machine Tool and Manufacturing Process Experience

Our staff is also skilled at graphic art both 2D and 3D, animations and training personnel. Take a minute to look at some of the extensive experience our personnel have with the machine tool, manufacturing and industrial processes. You will see we can tackle any machine or process and provide you with a valuable information tool.


CNC/PLC Hardware and Software Skills
.    Siemens® PLC
.    Siemens® 810/840D CNC
.    Siemens® Step7 Ladder Logic and STL (Statement List Programming)
.    Siemens® MMC102 Software Development Programming
.    Allen Bradley® PLC
.    Fanuc® 15MA, 15MB, 15M, 16M, 16MB, 15i, 16i CNC
.    MDSI® OpenCNC® software CNC
.    QNX® Realtime Operating System (RTOS)
.    Venturcom® embedded real-time operating system and development
.    Cimetrix® CIMulationT and CIMControlT

Microsoft Products (Expert Level)
.    Visual Studio .NET 2003 - 2010 (VB/C#)
.    Visual Basic 3.0 to 6.0
.    Visual Fox Pro
.    SSilverlight
.    SQL Server

Technologies (Expert Level)
.    HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language)
.    JQuery
.    JavaScript /Jscript (Java Scripting Language)
.    VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Language)
.    ASP (Active Sever Pages)
.    TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
.    ADO (Active Data Objects)
.    Serial Port Communications
.    Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services)
.    FTP (File Transport Protocol)
.    OPC (OLE for Process Control)
.    XML/XHTML (Extensible Markup Language)
.    PHP
.    Java
.    3D Studio Max
.    Radio Beacon (c)  Accellos
.    iPad Application Development
.    Android Application Development

Adobe® Products (Expert Level)
.    Dreamweaver 
.    UltraDev 
.    Flash
.    ColdFusion
.    Fireworks
.    Contribute
.    Authorware
.    Director
.    Photoshop
.    Illustrator
.    Acrobat Studio
.    Premier Pro

eHelp® Products (Expert Level)
.    RoboHelp® Studio
.    Robo Demo

Wise® Products (Expert Level)
.    Wise for Windows Installer
.    Wise Installation System
.    InstallMaster®
.    InstallMaker®
.    InstallBuilder®

Rockwell Automation Software
.    RSLinx OEM
.    RSLinx Gateway
.    RSLinx Lite
.    RSView32
.    RSData

SCADA Systems
.    RSView32
.    Wonderware®
.    EntivityT SteeplchaseT