testimonial_makinoThis testimonial is in regards to my experience working with Ken Tock, the present President of MacKintok, and his Team of Information Architects & Designers (IAD) on a large joint venture project for General Motors Power Train.

As a Direct OEM supplier I was tasked with integrating production CNC equipment into many GMPT facilities. The culture at some automotive industrial facilities can sometimes be reluctant to changing technologies due to the high volume and just-in-time production requirements that are needed to be competitive in today's market. This reluctance to changing technologies was causing a hurdle between the customer and the supplier, and this is when the Team became the catalyst to bond a bridge between us.

The IAD Team was paramount in discussions regarding how to transfer knowledge from the OEM to the customer without reinventing the labor force supporting the new equipment at these facilities. The problem was that this technology was to coin a phrase, "fast and furious", and we had little time for long in-depth classroom training to prepare our customer. The task seamed overwhelming as we could provide massive amounts of technical information to our customer, however the information presentation was cluttered and not organized in a nimble format.

The solution the IAD Team implemented was exactly what we both needed to become successful, the IAD Team was able to harvest the vast amount of technical data we the supplier had and was able to compile it  into a Knowledge bank that was to say the least was swift and agile. This Knowledge system was quick and straightforward to operate; it was detailed and intuitive to the user. Ken was able to adapt this system to the technical support of the equipment regarding troubleshooting and parts Identification.

The project was a success at that point, however the IAD Team had found that we both had the same need for a bridge regarding the production process, the manufacturing side of this project had many complicated features. The IAD Team quickly used the same model to produce a knowledge system to track and identify processes features that had been cumbersome to comprehend, and now became effortless to understand and follow using this system.

If we are drowning in information, MacKintok can supply the Island of Common Sense solutions. 

Tom Burns
Makino Customer Support

testimonial_mtconnectMTConnect is changing manufacturing around the globe by providing an open and royalty free standard for interconnectivity of manufacturing equipment. MacKintok Information Architects & Designers, specifically Ken Tock and Gary Bronson, have been absolutely key to the success of the MTConnect standard. It is a very rare combination for a company to have deep manufacturing knowledge and proven expertise in web development. MacKintok's technical and business contributions to MTConnect have been nothing less than outstanding. The MTConnect Institute is a 501(c)(6) and as a non-profit we simply must invest our funds very judiciously. When we made the decision on which company would create and manage our MTConnect.org website and MTConnect Forum, we knew MacKintok would deliver a top notch product, on time and as promised. MacKintok exceeded our high expectations in all categories. MacKintok Information Architects & Designers have been tremendous partners with the MTConnect Institute and we greatly value this partnership.

Dave Edstrom
President and Chairman - MTConnect Institute

testimonial_hansenI hired MacKintok to develop a CID module for a product marketed by All World Machinery. The project timeline given to MacKintok was unrealistic yet they produced a quality product that exceeded expectations and with time to spare. I have found MacKintok to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, and honest. The passion MacKintok has for their work and deliverable product is unmatched and truly a breath of fresh air! Their work ethic is second to none. To meet the tight deadline MacKintok worked through the evening into the early morning hours. MacKintok's creativity and design skills provided very useful and advanced information tools designed to improve the efficiency of the entire business process. These tools aided our internal sales, technical, and manufacturing staff, and the same of our customers. These same tools delivered the added benefit of easing the burden placed upon customer support, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining the process of part identification and order process. Simply stated MacKintok's past experience and attention to detail sets them apart. Without any hesitation I would work with MacKintok in the future and highly recommend their services to any company or organization.

Hans Hansen
Regional Sales Director at Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc.

testimonial_carrierWe at Carrier have worked with MacKintok on a number of software development projects in support of our training efforts. We have always found their work to be of exceptional quality. MacKintok's work has often taken innovative approaches to solving problems which has resulted in excellent customer solutions. We have also been very pleased with their on-time delivery of projects at the agreed to schedules.

Thomas J Kelly, LEED BD&C
Training Manager, Carrier University

testimonial_innoveyorMacKintok, you did marvelous work with the InnoFlex Bearing Technology "stand alone" app. worth every penny!

Daniel P. Stahura
President - Innoveyor-USA