Videos & Animations

MacKintok often include animations and videos to better explain key concepts that are often times hard to explain.


Videos and Tutorials

This video was developed for Innoveyor to use at the MINExpo International 2012 Tradeshow in Las Vegas.


CMM Reports

Explains the concept of the uderstanding the contents of how to read a Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM) Report and how it pertains to part/feature troubleshooting.


Probe Routine or (Short Version)

Explains the concept of the determining Part Program Zero Point using a Renishaw Probe prior to performing the machining operations on a transmision case.


Work Offsets or (Short Version)

Explains the concept of the Machine Zero Point and Workoffsets relationship.


External Spline

Explains and demonstrates how to use an External Spline Gage.


Tool Management

Explains how the Tool Magazine/Exchanger keeps track of tooling and shows the consequences when a tool is placed in the wrong pot or position on the Tool Magazine.


PID Loop

Explains the concept of how a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Loop works.


3-D Art Animation Example

Nice example from a 3-D Animation used by our client to help sell their product.


The MTConnect Series by Dave Edstrom

Dave Edstrom, President of MTConnect Institute

Introduction to MTConnect