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The Shot Peener - Spring 2012

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A fantastic article written by Kathy Levy of InfoProse about how MTConnect is changing the way real time shop floor data is being displayed and used. The article explains very nicely how MTConnect works and defines the five main components of an MTConnect platform:

1. The Device
2. The Adapter
3. The Agent
4. The Network
5. The Application/Client

The article then explains some of the common issues and problems a factory floor experiences and how MTConnect addresses them through the applications being developed by companies such as MacKintok and our Alliance Partner TechSolve. In fact the article displays a picture of ShopViz which is a machine performance tracking application developed by TechSolve based on the MTConnect platform.

The article lists the common issues such as Machine Downtime Analysis, Equipment Availability and Usage, Maintenance Tracking, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) plus others are discussed and conveys how MTConnect applications can effectively be a solution.

The article then ends with a very nice list of adopters and spotlights the US Military and how they have benefitted from implementing MTConnect. Click on the downloads above to view the entire article.

To learn more visit www.mtconnect.org

To learn about an Applicaiton visit www.ShopViz.org

To learn about our Alliance Partner TechSolve visit www.techsolve.org