New MTConnect Forum Launched

The new MTConnect Forum at www.mtconnectforum.com, officially went live today, Friday, July 27, 2012 and is mentioned in the MTConnect August newsletter.

This independent website, which is not affiliated with the MTConnect Institute, is your online community website for MTConnect. The forum was developed by MacKintok, Inc. It is your medium to ask questions, share information, and discuss all things MTConnect.

The site is divided into five main sections: HOME, FORUM, TRAINING, NEWS & EVENTS, and ADVERTISE.

The HOME page is simple and contains information about the site as well as prime advertisement space. Advertisement space order form is found on the ADVERTISE section of the site.

The FORUM is a key section of the website, and it is also where active discussions will take place. This is the space in which you will create your online community. It is loaded with features, such as capability to follow users within the community, easily share posts directly from the forum to popular social media sites, tag posts, complete full-text search on a desired topic, and quickly see recent and popular posts.

The FORUM's pages also have advertisement spaces available for purchase-again, a downloadable order form can be found on the ADVERTISE page of the website. The forum has been prepopulated with discussion topic categories and sub-categories, which can and will evolve based on the community's needs.

To ensure that all posted questions are answered, those who expressed interest at the June 2012 TAG meeting have been assigned as moderators. However, the forum still needs more moderators, so if there is an area that is of interest to you, please volunteer to be a moderator. Remember, it's your community!

The TRAINING page is a placeholder for new types of rich MTConnect related content, inspired by the community. It will contain training materials in the form of white papers, case studies, videos, presentations, and webinars.

The NEWS & EVENTS page contains information about MTConnect related articles, news, and events in the community. All members of the forum may submit content to be displayed on this page.

The ADVERTISE page contains information about how to advertise on the website. It also has a downloadable order form for advertisement space. Take advantage of the special pricing for 2012 by purchasing your advertisement space now!

Welcome to your online community! Become a member, a moderator, an active participant!

Anyone interested in becoming a moderator should contact Hilena Hailu at hhailu@amtonline.org.