President of Reshore Initiative mentions MTConnect at NEXT 2013 Conference

Recently the Technical Development Center (TDO) of Central New York and the Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering (CASE) at Syracuse University held their annual NEXT Conference in Syracuse, New York. NEXT is a technology, manufacturing and innovation conference where CNY based companies and individuals meet and learn about the new trends and innovation for manufacturing. Harry Moser, the President and Founder of the Reshoring Initiative, was a keynote speaker and Mr. Moser discussed the resurgence in American manufacturing as well as some of the innovative technologies, including MTConnect. Mr. Moser provided his insights to an audience of approximately 300 and delivered an overview of MTConnect with a recommendation for CNY manufacturers to adopt MTConnect as a powerful and affordable solution to assist in the monitoring of their manufacturing process.

Mr. Moser provided numerous reasons as to why the trend of reshoring is occurring such as the higher quality of products, shorter lead times, faster product development, less loss of intellectual property, reduced delivery times and cost, and more sales from the growing preference for American Made products. A direct result of reshoring is of course the creation of new jobs in manufacturing. But these jobs more than likely cannot be filled by workers with the same skill set of 10 years or more ago when the jobs left this country. If they were then they probably would not be coming back. To make the reshoring effort a success for the American manufacturers a cultural change must occur, one that involves adapting to technology and training the workforce to be able to utilize the technology. To successfully bring the manufacturing back the same machines need to smarter and offer systems integration with other factory applications in real time. Mr. Moser dicussed how MTConnect is an open source solution that can be easily enabled on machines in the factory setting.

The acknowledgement of MTConnect by Mr. Moser is a testament to where MTConnect is today and where it is going into the future. The acceptance of MTConnect and the intent of the industry to spread the use of MTConnect are becoming more common. An example is how the Federal Government recognized that MTConnect is vital to the future of manufacturing and placed an emphasis on MTConnect adoption. The Federal Government plans to announce the creation of three National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) technology hubs in the next couple months. The NNMI hubs will be a catalyst of new ideas and innovation while at the same time provide new ways to manufacture which will only help the reshoring trends to continue.

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