MacKintok collaborates with Syracuse University Graduate Students

MacKintok Inc., a Syracuse, New York software company that designs web based applications for machine tools and manufacturing was selected to collaborate with a team of graduate students from Whitman School of Management at the Syracuse University during the Spring 2012 semester.

Dream BuildersThe team, Dream Builders, consisted of Minhae Choi, Mohit Desai, Shuo Wang, and Yajie Zhao. The Dream Builders worked closely with MacKintok to determine four major and four minor deliverables. The four major deliverables included:

Market and Industry Analysis;
Feasibility analysis of producing an MTConnect control box for legacy machine tools;
Business Financial analysis;
Veteran preference and opportunities analysis

The minor deliverables included:

Developing and distributing a market survey for machine tool interconnectivity;
Web site consulting;
Developing a supply chain management tool;
Drafting a market plan

shuoThe Dream Builders were successful in meeting all deliverables and provided extremely useful tools and information of which MacKintok will be able to utilize in forecasting and moving forward in the technology industry. Pictured above are Yajie, Minhae, and Mohit. The photo to the right is of MacKintok President, Ken Tock and SU Graduate Student Shuo.