MacKintok Agrees to Alliance Partnership with TechSolve

MacKintok Inc., a Syracuse, New York software company that designs web based applications for machine tools and manufacturing has agreed to be an Alliance Partner with the TechSolve.

TechSolve formerly the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences, Inc. (IAMS), was founded in 1982 by the City of Cincinnati, the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, the University of Cincinnati and large manufacturers in the region with the objective of assisting local manufacturing suppliers to improve efficiency in the newly competitive global market. We continue to serve the manufacturing community and have third party measure the impact of our results ensuring that our results return significant ROI for our clients, visit www.TechSolve.org.

MacKintok and TechSolve look to collaborate on projects to further develop MTConnect based products designed specifically for the small to medium sized companies. Projects may entail creating and testing apps and plugins that integrate with both company's product lines.

MacKintok will offer TechSolve's ShopViz as a potential product offering on their company website. ShopVizT is an innovative web-based tool for small to medium-sized manufacturers providing 24/7 asset monitoring. It is available anywhere there is a browser, including a smartphone. Built on the MTConnect standard for machine tool communication, ShopVizT is adaptable and can be customized to fit an organization's data needs and treads lightly on its IT infrastructure.

TechSolve will offer CID Modules as a potential offering on their company website. CID Modules act as the gateway to all information for machines and processes. Through our interactive interface, users can access various tools designed to provide technicians with all the information needed to assist them during the decision-making process.