MacKintok Projects:


MacKintok is teaming with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - Integrating MTConnect into the Engineering Curriculum.

The project involves a university, a public library, the US Army and four software companies. MTConnect is becoming a part of the educational framework in Upstate NY with the potential to touch students from grade school through graduate school. With the success of the RPI classes MacKintok and Hamilton Numbers are now looking to use this experience as a stepping stone to collaborating with other learning institutions around the country.

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We introduced MTPulse (Beta Version 1.1) to the public at IMTS 2012. MacKintok is designing & building a web based visualization interface for PCs and mobile devices. We are into Phase II of development. The visualization interface graphically displays the live status of machines or assets using the MTConnect standard. The interfaces enable users to view real-time plant floor status simply by logging onto an Internet browser. As a Web-enabled application, it extends access to users anywhere for improved real-time decision making. MTPulse utilizes the very latest HTML 5 development techniques to "measure the pulse of manufacturing."

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MacKintok is an Institute Partner of MTConnect. MacKintok has been a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Member since 2008. MTConnect is an open-source protocol for standardizing infomation being outputted from machine tools into a common XML output.

MTConnect: Different Devices, Common Connection.

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MI3 is a collaborative effort of MacKintok, MOD-ECO and Hamilton Numbers. MI3 stands for Manufacturing Incubator 3 and involves the creation of Virtual Machine and Design shops to help improve manufacturing and expose manufacturers to new technology.

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