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MTConnect Institute offers a middleware standard  providing the capability to pass data, even from existing data transfer capabilities and formats, to higher level systems using the XML based standard.

The standard is available on the MTConnect website for users to download, use, comment upon, and to provide recommend enhancements. As enhancements are developed they will also be made available via the website. It is anticipated that over a period of time, growth industries could be spawned in the software and sensor areas utilizing the standard as the core for development and information transfer.

MacKintok is a member of the Technical Advisor Group or TAG and is active in helping to define the MTConnect standards. MacKintok is a member of a number of Working Groups such as: Machine Tool, Standard, and Notification. MacKintok is looking to work with other companies to implement MTConnect products. Contact us if you are interested in implementing MTConnect products or designing new products.

Visit the MTConnect Institute website to learn more.

White Paper: "Getting Started with MTConnect - Shop Floor Monitoring, What's In It For You?"


The purpose of this document is to show the real tangible benefits of monitoring your shop floor and using the open and royalty-free standard called MTConnect as the way to get information off your shop floor.

So, who will benefit from this document?

  • Production benefits from having visibility of operations and increased efficiency.

  • •CEO’s benefit from increased profitability of their manufacturing operations.

  • •Engineers benefit from having access to a significant amount of data about their machining processes.

  • •Operators benefit from being able to communicate better with the machine and all stakeholders affected by the machines.