valveWhat are Intelli-Drawings?

Designed to enhance the capabilities of the CID Module and CID Portals, Intelli-Drawing Viewer Modules provide the user with a visual walkthrough of the machine's circuits and schematics, detailing how components are interconnected and how each relates to the manufacturing process. More specific information on a particular device is available by simply clicking the component in the drawing to bring up its associated CID portal. This is especially useful for troubleshooting. Intelli-Drawings, are easily accessible through the CID Module, which can be launched from a CD, the web or a hard drive.

All types of drawings such as schematics, ladder diagrams, and parts drawings can be converted to an Intelli-Drawing and integrated into a CID Module. Most drawings can be easily converted to the appropriate format or MacKintok has the ability to recreate the drawing if needed.